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Resource Library

Nations largest athlete Performance Platform

The Complete Athlete® 360 Resource Library APP is the most comprehensive collection of cutting edge sports science and essential sports information to help get the athlete to their personal destination.

AREAS OF FOCUS: Sports Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Sports Psychology, Training, Coaching, Sports, Showcase, Recruiting and Advisors.

Meet the prominent Complete Athlete® 360 Management & Advisory Teams

CONTACT US: COMPLETEathlete@destinationathlete.com or 866-Athlete

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  • /assets/news/thumbnail/Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_12_16_56_PM.jpg
    Meet J.C. Glick, LTC, U.S. Army (Ret.)

    J.C. Glick, Director, Leadership Resiliency at Complete Athlete®360. Is a leadership consultant who advises at strategic, operational, team and individual levels. He is currently a Partner at Kenning Associates, a company that specializes in advisory assistance with Leadership, Culture and Communications. His methods in these areas have been spotlighted in Forbes Magazine and on Huffington Post. A regular lecturer at U.S. Navy Academy and directs the Army’s schools on adult leadership developmen​ Read More

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    Inspirational Leadership for Outcomes with J.C. Glick

    J.C. Glick, LTC, U.S. Army (Ret.) of Complete Athlete®360 is a leadership consultant who talks about his training and experience and what it means to be inspirational leader to reach personal, team or organizational goals. Read More

  • /assets/news/thumbnail/sports_psychology_copy_121.jpg
    Burnout in Youth Sports

    In "Sessions with Doc," Dr. Patrick Cohn answers your sports psychology and mental training questions. he talks about the definition of burnout and how it effects eenage athletes. Read More

  • /assets/news/thumbnail/intense_copy_27.jpg
    Mind of the Athlete - Overbearing Parent

    Dr. Jarrod Spencer, Sports Psychologist at Mind of the Athlete discusses the importance of not being an overbearing parent. Read More