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Girls Lacrosse Deluxe Beginner Package

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Girls Lacrosse Deluxe Beginner Package
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Girls Lacrosse Deluxe Beginner Package


Choose size by std glove size, or add comments to receive your FREE FITTING at a practice or scheduled meeting. Designed for the beginning player, this Deluxe package comes complete with the Cascade SEI certified PolyArc goggles , Twist stick, Windy City gloves, and Storm Backpack. The PolyArc goggle gives players optimized field sight with VISIONBAR technology, allowing for improved views in ground ball pick-ups and field action. An off-the-shelf game changer that will redefine how beginners learn the game. No longer will newbies have to sacrifice technology. The Twist Beginner Stick ensures even those new to the game play with top quality equipment. No-Tear Top String, Mid Curve Scoop, Swivel Pocket, andTwist Shaft. Windy City gloves The best in a year round women’s field glove, the Windy City protects where you need it most while maximizing mobility, breathability and comfort. Protection Points, AX Suede, Durastretch. Storm Backpack Easy headgear transport backpack Mesh water bottle carrier Two outside zipper pockets for quick access to mouthguard, hair ties, etc.

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