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  • Student-Athlete Study Tips

    As a student-athlete, time management is extremely important especially when a test is coming up. Learn how to create a successful study plan with CA 360 team member Lonnie Sarnell, Psy.D, Director, Sports Psychology.



As a student-athlete, time management is extremely important. When you have a test coming up, it can often feel like there’s not enough time to study.  Instead of worrying about how little time you have, create a study plan to map out how and when you will study:

Steps to Creating and Following a Study Plan:

  1. What is the format of the test?
  2. List study tasks (make a study guide, flashcards, quizlet, practice test, review)
    1. Include active study tasks
    2. Estimate how long each task will take
    3. If possible and helpful, do timed practice questions to get used to test conditions
  3. Designate chunks of time for studying
    1. Map out time for specific study tasks, and be prepared to be flexible with your plan
  4. Make time for breaks, primarily non-electronics breaks, such as going for a walk
  5. Limit Procrastination
    1. Start with one task
    2. Work in concentrated chunks of time with no distractions- 50 minutes, 10 minute break; 20 minutes, 5 minute break
    3. Forgive yourself for past procrastination and move forward
    4. Play a song that gets you energized
    5. Work with a friend who is a good influence
    6. Change your environment
    7. Put your phone in another room
    8. Use Apps to block websites on your computer, such as the App SelfControl
    9. Reward yourself once you’ve completed a task


Source: Lonnie Sarnell, Psy.D. Clinical and Sport Psychologist,, Director, Sports Psychology at Complete Athlete®360