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Eating Before The Game

Eating Before The Game

What you put in your body before the big game can help give you the energy to improve your performance. Here are some snack ideas to help you get on the right track…

Now Eat This…

As an athlete you have to think about what you eat before the big game. To perform at your peak before you exercise or a game you should eat a light meal or snack two or three hours prior to exercise or the game. This allows your stomach to digest the food as well as gives you some energy to help your performance. The light meal or snack should be mostly carbohydrate and can have some protein. Some examples of snacks are:

  • Bowl of cereal with low fat milk
  • Nutrition Bars, Protein Bars
  • Bagel with a slice of cheese
  • Oatmeal with low fat milk
  • Low fat Yogurt with granola
  • Fruit Smoothie made with low fat yogurt

Some athletes are nervous before a big game. You may want to try liquid meals such as a fruit smoothie or oatmeal to help calm your nerves and ease digestion.

What you put in your body is important to be at the top of your game. This means you should be eating a healthy diet every day and not just before your competition.