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Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball

To develop upper body speed, strength and balance, try using a medicine ball.

How A Medicine Ball Can Help Enhance Your Performance

Want to enhance your workout? You should try a medicine ball. The medicine ball can be aerobic/anaerobic such as tossing the ball back and forth and used to do crunches which are a strength training tool.

Medicine balls are weighted and vary from one pound to 20 pounds. When you lift a medicine ball you engage your abdominal muscles to support your lower back and pelvis. You can also work your glutes with a medicine ball. Strong glutes help give you power for sprinting and running in your sport.

Using a medicine ball can also work your hand and upper body muscles. You can throw the ball to develop arm and upper body speed, strength and balance.

Destination Athlete has an assortment of medicine balls and training aids to help enhance your performance.