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Help the youth athlete in your life find more joy, discipline, and excellence in their sport using tools from professional sport psychologist to the stars Dr. Nick Molinaro’s Beyond the Scoreboard


October 10, 2019 -- We’ve all seen that crazy parent, or that obsessive coach, pacing the sideline at a youth sporting event, yelling, shaking their finger after the game. We watch cringing and feeling awful for the kid and justified in our own toned-down approach to supporting our kids through sports.

But could the seemingly small things we do or say affect the mental game of our young athletes just as much as the “crazy” adults and their explosive behavior? Are words of encouragement, like, “Just go out there and try your best!” actually doing similar damage?

In his new book, Beyond the Scoreboard: Learn It Through Youth Sports, Carry It Through Life, co-authored by Celeste Romano, Dr. Nick Molinaro, licensed psychologist with specialty in performance and sport psychology, decodes how an athlete’s environment can either positively impact their mental game or contribute to burnout, resentment, and even physical injury. 

Informed by Dr. Nick’s 35 years of experience working with everyone from Olympic Gold medalists to X-Gamers to PGA Tour participants, Beyond the Scoreboardworks as the definitive playbook for parents, coaches, and athletes seeking ways to deal with pressure, expectations, overcoming failure, and achieving success while still enjoying sports. 

And preparation for on-field performance leads to significant gains off-field as well -- Dr. Nick, a regular contributor to the Golf Channel and special contributor to Fox5 Sports, CBS Sports Radio, and ESPN Sports Radio, has found that a healthy mental game leads to excellence in all aspects of life. His book is designed to help young athletes perform the very best they can, embed critical life skills, and a life-long passion for sports. 

Impeccably researched, with examples from sports history and Dr. Nick’s own experience,Beyond the Scoreboardis packed with ready-to-use pointers and insights, including:

  •  Why building confidence won’t help your child do better in sports, and what will
  •  How to help your athlete foster their own internal motivation
  • How to help your child practice awareness and intention both on and off the field
  • Defining your child’s individual temperamental type and supporting them with that in mind
  • How to help your child be accountable without beating themselves up or relying on you for rescuing. 
  • How to effectively introduce pressure to help your athlete practice better, without hating it
  • How the lessons learned through sports can change the trajectory of their life overall

And much more...

When 70% of youths leave organized sports by the age of thirteen, losing out on the physical, social, and emotional benefits derived from athletic participation, we have to get serious about our approach to coaching and leading them. From what to say after a big loss to help your child maintain their passion to how to really achieve a growth-mindset lifestyle, Beyond the Scoreboarddoes just that. 

Advanced Praise for Beyond the Scoreboard:

“Whether you are a parent, an elite athlete, or an adult with a professional career, the information and tools presented in Beyond the Scoreboard are invaluable. I’ve covered many types of athletes with various upbringings; everyone is different, both physically and mentally. Dr. Nick so eloquently breaks down each individual’s unique mental reactions in sport and how to address, nurture, and build strength in the most important muscle, the mind. An NFL player told me in an interview, “If we have athletic trainers on the sidelines in a game to tape our ankle, fix an injury to get us back out there, why aren’t there psychologists right there on the sidelines too to immediately help us fix something in our minds?” In Beyond the Scoreboard, Dr. Nick is that psychologist with you on the sidelines teaching parents, coaches, and athletes ways to deal with pressure, expectations, overcoming failure, and achieving success while still enjoying sports.”
– Tina Cervasio, FOX 5 NY Lead Sports Anchor/Reporter, Host of “Sports Xtra”

“Dr. Nick covers all of the bases in Beyond the Scoreboard. Combining his vast experiences of working with elite athletes on all levels, this is a “must read” for parents and athletes alike. Dr. Nick has provided a roadmap which will help parents avoid making the wrong turns. We all want what is best for those we love and it starts by reading Beyond the Scoreboard!”  
– Bob Papa, The Voice of the NY Giants and Golf Channel                                                                                        

“Dr. Nick is our ‘go-to’ guy for all things between the player’s ears. Golfers, parents, and coaches love Nick’s clear identification of the essence of the problem and his step by step approach to removing obstacles and forming great habits and processes. Nick’s stories and real-life examples bring these concepts to life and his ability to illustrate with words is very evident in Beyond the Scoreboard which should be required reading for anyone guiding a youngster through sport and life.”
– Jane Filing, Founder, 

About the authors:                                                                                   

Dr. Nick Molinaro has worked in the arena of performance psychology for over 30 years with middle-school aged children through professional and Olympic athletes in all sports. His client list includes athletes and players from the PGA and LPGA Tours, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, AFL, CFL, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalists, members of the US Ski and Gymnastic Teams, 2016 Ice Skating and X-Games. He has extensive experience working with NCAA Div I-III athletes, coaches and teams  in all sports.  Dr. Nick is mostly known for his work with professional and amateur golfers. He has been featured regularly on the Golf Channel, ESPN Sports Radio, CBS Sports Radio, and Sirius XM, among others.                     

Celeste Romano is the founder and head of Creative Licensing Publishing, LLC., a writing consulting firm and a hybrid-publisher for the Indie author. She has done freelance writing for online magazines about raising her two sons, Alex and Zach. She has also written a novel for middle-school aged children. 


Title: Beyond the Scoreboard: Learn It Through Youth Sports, Carry It Through Life
Dr. Nick Molinaro and Celeste Romano
Creative License Publishing
Language: English