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Being a Great Coach

You are more than “just a coach.” You are a teacher, role model and amateur psychologist. A coach is an important role in an athlete’s life. Here are Tips to help you be GREAT coach…

Being A Great Coach

Do you remember a coach that made an impact in your life? Do you remember one that was not so inspirational? Many of us have been fortunate to be on a team with great coaches but, we still never forget the coaches that made our life unbearable at times.

Think back to your great coach, what are some traits that you admired about him or her? Write down five things now. We can’t forget about the coach that was unforgettable in a negative way. What are some traits to reflect on that he or she did that you do not want to repeat as a coach? Write down five things now.

Your job as a coach is complex. You are more than “just the coach.” You are a teacher, role model and amateur psychologist. A coach is an important role in an athlete’s life. A great coach not only understands the technical aspects of the game, skills to help the team succeed but, is able to create an environment that builds athletic, personal and social development.

It is essential to get to know your athletes. What motivates them to succeed? Are they outgoing or shy? Do they like to be critiqued? If not, how to go about giving them tips to improve their game without them feeling as though they are being critiqued. Building self esteem through positive reinforcement is key but, knowing your athlete and how they respond to this is equally important.

At times you will have to correct an athlete’s mistake, that is what you are there for, to offer guidance and help the athlete improve their game. Do not emphasize what the athlete did wrong but, focus on the good things that will happen if they follow your instruction.

Go back to your list. Think about that coach that made a difference, it is perfectly fine to emulate someone who made such a positive impact on your life. You may even want to talk to other coaches about their techniques and gather some tips from them as well.


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