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Team Fundraising Made Easy!
Our innovative turnkey approach will raise funds fast for your team or organization than you ever thought possible, while offering your supporters discounts
to national retailers

How It Works


If you're looking for a fundraiser that is easy, effective and raises more funds than you ever thought possible, this is the fundraiser for you!  Our customized platform is built for success, and because everything is done online there is no door to door selling, delivery, or money collecting. Imagine the level of response you will receive when offering a product that people actually want.



Ready to Get Your Fundraising Campaign Started?          

We'll supply everything you need to raise ALL the funds you need and provide your supporters a product they are thrilled to have for years to come!

Destination Athlete® makes no claims to fundraising amounts that can be achieved.  It solely depends on customer participation and contribution amounts and results will vary by customer.  Platform provided by Fundraising Solutions Group.