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Internships are vitally important to complete for all college and post graduate students. Not only do you gain real world knowledge, you also make valuable connections in the business world and increase your future marketability. Gain this experience at Destination Athlete®. Our Headquarters, located in Clinton Township, NJ is seeking part-time interns during the summer months and during the academic year.

The Destination Athlete Internship program is an all-encompassing educational business experience for college students interested in learning about the business world beyond the classroom.  Interns are given the opportunity to build knowledge and experience about business, marketing and the management of an entrepreneurial company. Interns will have the unique ability to work on marketing projects and concepts that make a difference within the business. The projects build on skills such as research, teamwork, marketing knowledge, business tactics, presentation confidence, creativity and analytical skills. Interns are full and equal contributors to the ideas that shape the future of the business and have full access to all areas of the company, especially within our Marketing department.

Summer interns are expected to work three days a week from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Internships that take place during the academic year can be tailored to class schedules.

This is an unpaid internship that will pay a periodic stipend to assist in travel expenses.

Please forward you resume and a letter of interest to:

Summer 2016 Interns


“Interning at Destination Athlete® has been a great learning experience.  As a marketing major, the terms that I had been learning in class were finally applied to an actual business model.  I felt like my contributions were well-respected and the responsibilities I was given directly related to my major.  This summer exceeded all of my expectations, so thank you Destination Athlete® for letting me join your team!"
- G. H., University of Delaware (2016 summer intern)

"My summer internship at Destination Athlete® provided me with valuable exporsure to "real world" marketing analyses.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team on personalized projects which helped me garner experience in Excel and internet marketing.  The internship program provided a perfect introduction into entrepreneurial business activities and definitely gave me a preview of various business disciplines.  It was truly a pleasure to be part of this team of professionals at Destination Athlete® and I look forward to taking my experience with me back to the classrom this fall."
- B. L., St. Joseph's University (2016 summer intern)

"Destination Athlete® is a company that provides a family environment.  Immediately as I began the summer internship program I felt the passion and openness that the staff had.  This made alot of sense when they explained how important the customer experience is to the company.  From my experience, I gained valuable experience regarding the real world application of business.  I was given hands on projects through the summer program that allowed me to see what it would be like in my future career.  Working with Destination Athlete® was truly a one of a kind experience."
- D.P., University of Delaware (2016 summer intern)

"Being part of the internship program at Destination Athlete® was a phenomenal way to further my knowledge and understanding of life and work in the business world.  As a business management major, this program was valuable because it allowed me to apply the concepts I have learned in the classroom working toward a common goal with a young and innovative company.”
D.D., The College of New Jersey

"Working for Destination Athlete® is a great experience for any intern looking to go into the business world. You get to see how a business is run and how a small yet growing business works. As an artist it was a rewarding experience for me to be thrown into a work environment that had a need for my skills and that wanted my help with everything, from corporate logos to website design. At Destination Athlete® I felt respected by every employee and overall felt like a part of Destination Athlete®’s big team. I felt like my ideas were heard clearly and I got to contribute to a lot of different aspects of the company from team stores to franchisee work. This company is very welcoming, and has very solid morals and ideals, which is important for interns to learn and bring to other companies. I look forward to returning to Destination Athlete® and I encourage new interns to apply for opportunities." - C.T., University of Delaware


"Interning with Destination Athlete® has been a valuable, educational, and enriching experience that has taught me a lot about business and myself.   Destination Athlete® gave me the unique and rewarding opportunity to work on projects that made a difference within the company.  Throughout the summer I was able to learn and become involved with many parts of the business, from the marketing of the company, to product development, strategic planning, business law, and even making and printing the products.  This internship helped me to define the areas of business that I was interested in while allowing me to gain experience working in an office, collaborating with other people, and thinking in terms of the larger business world.  I feel more prepared and excited to return to my business classes this year and expand on what I’ve learned this summer." - A.C., Lehigh University

"I think that Destination Athlete® is a great place to work and learn about customer service companies. The employees are extremely dedicated to their customers and help interns learn about the underlying message Destination Athlete® wants to send to all athletes. I think that anyone who wants exposure to learning about athletic vendors servicing the athletes of New Jersey should look for opportunities at Destination Athlete®." - J.V., Rutgers University

" My internship at Destination Athlete® greatly exceeded my expectations and perceptions of what a summer internship could be. For starters, none of my work experience included “getting coffee” or any other menial work. The Destination Athlete Internship was one of the most educational business experiences I have had, and made a lot of things I learned in school a lot clearer to me. It also helped me to learn a lot about myself, my work habits, and my career goals. The environment at Destination Athlete® is everything a young college student could ask for in a summer program, with friendly people, challenging and educational projects, as well as some corporate experience to go along with it. I will be forever grateful for having been on the Destination Athlete® team." - A.B., Lehigh University

"The internship program at Destination Athlete® is great for any student with a strong work ethic, creative mind and interest in business. The projects assigned, along with the lesson learned from the other employees, creates a unique and valuable learning experience." - N.C., The College of New Jersey



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