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Nick Molinaro, Ed.D., P.C. (Dr. Nick)
Licensed Psychologist with Speciality in Sport Psychology, TAIS

Dr. Nick is highly regarded for his ability to interpret the TAIS test (The Attentional and Interpersonal Style) and has been sought after by professional teams, organizations and TV producers.  He is responsible for Assessing and Training Mental Performance Under Pressure.  He is a licensed psychologist with specialties in Counseling, Human Development, and Sport Psychology.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Arts, a School Psychology Certificate & Doctoral Degree from various prestigious universities & colleges.  Dr. Nick has worked in the arena of performance psychology for over 30 years and has worked with athletes in NASCAR, NBA, NFL, AFL, CFL, World Billiards Championship, World Series of Poker, Baseball Teams, Olympic Medalists, USA Ski and Gymnastics Teams, World Class Athletes in Fencing, Ice Skating, X-Games and the World Junior Golf Advisory Board.