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Program Features

The following are examples of tests Complete Athlete®360 use as our working foundation to create holistic, cutting-edge custom development programs:

TAIS Test - This valuable online tool measures 20 key components of your Attentional and Interpersonal style that are relevant to your performance.  Your responses provide the benchmark of who you are as a competitor…how you think, behave, and react in competitive situations.  The TAIS (Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style) was standardized for use on Olympic athletes with norms for NBA, MLB, PGA and intercollegiate athletes. It has also been used to access special forces and corporate screening.


TAP Test - TAP is an assessment test that provides a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s mindset so that all who contribute to a person’s development - the athlete, coach, parent/mentor – are equipped with the tools and techniques necessary to cultivate development for optimal performance.

Our custom programming is designed to deliver maximum results in the areas of Leadership, Mental, Educational and Wellness development:

Our team of experts provide evaluations and strategic training focused on maximizing operational, team and individual performance. We focus on culture development and personal awareness to help transform and deliver the specific results you want. Additionally, we develop problem-solving, resiliency and accountability skills to efficiently address problems and challenges. Motivational skills programming is also used to enhance an organization, a team or an individual’s drive for achieving success along with effective communication and coaching to achieve optimal performance outcomes on the field and in the workplace. 

The mental game has significant impact on performance.  Working with our sport psychology team provides concrete strategies for peak performance.  Our programs develop the necessary skills to improve your mental game with emphasis on “getting in the zone”, anxiety management, self-awareness, performance routines, positive self-talk, visualization, goal setting and self-care.  Performance anxiety is normal in high achieving athletes and professionals. When facing stressors within one’s arena, there are a variety of outside stressors that can negatively impact performance. Customized programming is focused on learning how to manage emotions, develop balanced thinking patterns, and engage in self-awareness, so that you can maximize performance in all aspects of life.


Our education team presents techniques and tools to help individuals, teams and corporations thrive not only in their current situation, but also with transitioning into and out of various roles and positions. We address the complete person, team or organization on three levels: academically, socially and personally by providing comprehensive learning strategies along with personal development strategies. Academically, the focus is on time management, memory techniques, self-management, self-motivation and overcoming procrastination. Socially and personally, we focus on creating and maintaining a person’s self-worth.  We are all faced with many influences that can affect both team and personal performance. With our expertise in crisis management, depression, stress, anxiety, and drug and alcohol abuse, we can assist in making the necessary changes in order to make sound decisions and to persevere through life’s challenges.

Our team of experts will help maximize individual and team results beginning with our state of the art body composition analysis. The results determine one’s foundation for a complete strength, conditioning and nutrition program with emphasis on minimizing injuries.  It is also our goal to ensure individuals have a positive body image and to understand the risk factors, signs and symptoms related to the development of an eating disorder.  We take a comprehensive approach that includes a team of professionals to professionals to provide the ultimate in training, nutrition and risk aversion for peak performance optimization.