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Recruiting 101

General Information

  1. Prospective student-athletes are more likely to be ineligible from NCAA competition due to a lack of appropriate high school course work than inadequate test scores.
  2. The Division I core course requirement has increased from 14 to 16.
  3. Recruiting/scouting services are not allowed to call NCAA coaches about high school athletes.
  4. A prospective student-athlete may take up to five official visits to Division I or II university during high school.
  5. Prospective student-athletes have an unlimited number of unofficial visits.
  6. Prior to going on an official visit, a Division I or II university must have a copy of the prospective student-athletes official high school transcript.

    True/False Questions

  7. The earliest a college coach can meet with a prospective student-athlete and/or their parents is July 1st after the student-athletes junior year

    False: A college coach can talk to a student-athlete anytime if the student-athlete initiates contact.

  8. A prospective student-athlete can start taking un-official visits only after September 1st of their junior year in high school.

    False: Unofficial visits can be made any time.

  9. A college coach would prefer to be contacted by the parent of a student-athlete rather than the student athletes themselves.

    False: The college coaches would rather speak with the student athlete who will be playing and practicing for them for the next 4-5 years.

  10. Prior to collegiate enrollment, an individual may accept prize money based on place finish or performance in an open athletics event.
True: Such prize money may not exceed actual and necessary expenses and may be provided only by the sponsor of the open event.
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