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It's the All-American dream: as a high school athlete you reach the pinnacle of performance in your chosen sport. Coaches and recruiters from high-profile schools come watch you play, culminating in a scholarship from your perfect school. Parents are smiling... friends are jealous.. and you are walking on clouds...

Will this be your reality?

Not necessarily.

It's true, there are college scholarships out there, both academic and athletic, but it takes more than talent or smarts to get one. Preparation counts too. Have you set up a course work schedule that will get you into college? You can’t cram all your classes into your senior year. Are you taking your SAT's in time for recruiting purposes? Mid junior year may be too late.

What about the importance of fit? Your athletic abilities may be a match for a Division I school but will you sink or swim under rigorous NCAA academic requirements? Perhaps a Division II or III school would be a better environment for you.

At Destination Recruit®, our focus is preparation and fit. We will prepare you to find a good, balanced fit both academically and athletically. Not only do we want you to continue to play your sport at the collegiate level, we also want to see your experience result in a good education. We have the recruiting resources and contacts to identify the optimal academic and athletic fit in which you will thrive and succeed.

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