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Dave LePoidevin is the Vice President of Recruiting and Sports Director of Football for Destination Recruit® and owner/operator of Let ‘Em Play Academy. An All-State football and baseball athlete in high school who continued to play at Fairleigh Dickinson through college, his passion for mentoring young athletes led him to a career as a high school football coach.

Through his 10 plus years of coaching and running the Let ‘Em Play Academy and Camps, “Coach Lep”, has developed and prepared 100’s of highly recognized student athletes to realize their dream of playing college level football, from Division IA to Division III.

Dave’s Perspective:
Using my years of coaching experience and contacts I am honored to have the opportunity to work with parents and student athletes through Destination Recruit

If you are not a “top ranked” student athlete, the college recruiting process is incredibly complicated and frustrating. Not everyone gets the opportunity to play at the highest level.

As a talented two sports high school athlete, I lacked guidance and support navigating the recruiting process, resulting in missed opportunities. Without my knowledge, a coach I played against reached out to schools on my behalf and my story had a happier ending.

The truth is, most student athletes and parents are not receiving the support and guidance they need in this process. I have dedicated myself to coaching and mentoring student athletes while helping them find opportunities to reach their goal of playing at the next level.

With the help of the committed team at Destination Recruit
®, as well as input from top coaches and recruiters from around the country, we have built a comprehensive system to train, evaluate and educate you on the recruiting process.

Dave LePoidevin, Vice President and Sports Director of Football, Destination Recruit LLC

Please fill out the information form below and I will contact you to start the process of easing through this difficult and stressful time.