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Scott Lenz
Director, Body Composition Anaylsis & Performance Optimization

Scott Lenz is a lifelong sports and fitness enthusiast.  He specializes in Body Composition Analysis, development of strength & conditioning, nutritional integration, health & fitness advancement, performance optimization & motivational coaching.  His professional training career began while studying at the University of Tampa whose faculty members had recruited him to implement an internship program at Johnson & Johnson within their innovative “Live For Life” employee wellness program.  He relocated to Las Vegas to work with renowned resorts to facilitate design & construction of gyms, many of which are located on famous Wayne Newton Boulevard.  After almost a decade in Nevada, he returned to the east coast to build what are now his greatest career achievements, Inspiri Wellness, LLC and Inner Image.  Having trained every level of athlete from beginner to top professional & celebrity, Scott’s focus is on the health and wellness of every individual who seeks his assistance.