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Part of the value in owning a Destination Athlete® franchise is in the marketing.  Our corporate marketing and public relations strategy deploys local, regional and national campaign tactics to get Destination Athlete’s® name out there. 

On a national level, think search engine optimized web presence, social media channels, strategic partners and endorsements, our national 866-ATHLETE customer service phone line and community partnering through our 4 Star Foundation®

On the local and regional level, all franchise owners partake in a comprehensive strategic marketing program including a media kit with ad slicks and templates, brochures, marketing templates, sales call scripts; logos and usage guidelines, a Destination Athlete® e-mail address, online marketing education, instant relationships with suppliers, discounted promotional items, rewards and recognition programs as well as unlimited access to the management team for guidance in starting your specific franchise.

Beyond physical marketing tools, Destination Athlete® value added resources for athletes, parents and coaches are also at your disposal.  athleteAPPS®, is a library of sports education informational tools to enhance performance, keep athletes healthy and offer coaches tips for winning the big game.

With such an inclusive package, you will have the tools necessary to promote your franchise.  Using these tools to create good community relationships in conjunction with sincere service to customers increases your client base and builds a loyal following.