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Deb, Training Team Leader

After signing a franchise agreement, your training at Destination Athlete® begins and in effect, never ends. 

Our commitment to unparalleled support begins with the comprehensive Executive Training program at our Headquarters location in Clinton, New Jersey, laying the base for your future with Destination Athlete®.  This initial week long training program provides franchise owners with extensive sales, marketing and customer service training.  Personalized instruction at your pace ensures you have the tools necessary to begin operating as a Destination Athlete® representative.  Our brand is in your hands so it is important you have the necessary tools to build your business.  When you succeed, we all win.  

For added peace of mind, on-going training continues through our internal intranet tools, company blog, numerous conference calls and our live annual training meeting.  All these function to keep you up to date on the latest in industry and company news, marketing tools and best practices in sales while connecting you with other franchisees. Our training staff understands the business and shares your passion for flexibility and independence.

The Training Team will keep keep you informed, on track to succeed and excited to be part of the team at Destination Athlete