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Jeff Davis Vols

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Welcome to the 
Jeff Davis Volunteers 
Athletic Director's Team Store!


This store is now closed. Thank you for your orders! 


OPEN DATEOct. 9,2017
CLOSE DATEOct. 23, 2017 (midnight)
 DELIVERY DATENov 20, 2017 


***All orders will be shipped directly to Jefferson Davis High School and distributed by Coach Coleman****



**No returns or exchanges are permitted.

**Additional $2-$4 for some items in sizes 2xl-4xl.

**When choosing an item, please leave 
"Ship To" set to "Myself"

**At step #2 in the "Checkout", please select 
"Team Store" shipping

**No shipping charges will be assessed

Contact or 866-ATHLETE with any questions.


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