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Your Opportunity

This can be a rewarding business for someone who loves sports, finds joy in helping athletes succeed and is unafraid to spend time building relationships with local Athletic Programs, Booster Clubs, Coaches, and Athletic Directors. Destination Athlete® helps youth and high school athletes reach their potential and your opportunity comes from getting them there.
As a Destination Athlete® franchisee, your full service website offers athletes, parents and coaches a one-stop-shopping experience for athletic products.  No more traveling to a sporting goods store for the mouth guard, buying nutritional supplements from the pharmacy and then ordering the uniform from an overpriced pro shop… You become the ideal one stop shop for an athlete’s needs.

In addition, the expansive marketplace of youth and high school sports continues to grow each day. Youth and high school sports participation is up in a down economy.  It has become a main priority for many families to have their child or children participate in sports in order to instill important values learned from playing sports such as discipline, time management, and teamwork. Parents will often cut back on other expenses in order to keep their children in sports programs.
If you are interested in owning a Destination Athlete® franchise and being part of a winning team that makes a difference in the community, please fill out the inquiry form in the “Next Steps” area.