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In these uncertain economic times, our passion for helping youth and high school athletes reach their destination does not waiver, so you need options.  Third party financing is always an option.  We can also help you get going.  Destination Athlete® Credit has financing programs available to qualifying applicants. Personalized purchasing and financing options include flexible terms and competitive rates.

Depending on how big you choose to begin your business, your investment amount, and thus financing need, will vary.

Destination Athlete Partners with Guidant Financial.
Guidant Financial Offers:

401k rollover

o    Minimum of $40k in retirement assets (including IRA, TSP, and 403b)

o    Funds must be rollable

o    Franchisee must be a bona fide employee in the business

o    Timeline 21 days

o   Fee = $4,995 (with $1k referral back to you)

Unsecured Loans

o    $25-$150k

o    Uncollateralized

o    690+ credit score

o    Timeline 3 weeks

o   Fee can range from $3,500 up to 9% of loan amount

Portfolio Loans

o    Minimum of $80k in securities

o    Loan against brokerage account

o    3-4% interest

o    Up to 80% LTV

o    Timeline 2-3 weeks

o   Fee is flat rate of 4% of what the client rolls

SBA Express

o    Up to $150k line of credit with bank

o    Startups must contribute at least 10% of capital needs

o    Interest rates on sliding scale 6-8% based on total project cost

o    New Franchise or expansion – no acquisitions

o    Timeline 30-60 days

o   Packaging fee is $2,500

SBA Loans

o    $150k – 5 million

o    Requirements

§  30% equity injection

§  Secondary source of income

§  Equity in home (extremely helpful)

§  3+ years work experience applicable to running biz

o    No bankruptcy

o    Timeline 60-150 days

o   Packaging fee is $2,500

Guidant Financial Prequalification tool:!/step0